Do you like living on the edge?

Do you like living on the edge?

7th October 2020

As part of my job I regularly come across new and innovative technology, and excitingly new ways of working. I have recently had the pleasure of working with a company named #becrypt, based in London, who offer technology solutions to both government and industry. They have a history of creating NCSC certified products and are a recognised cyber security supplier to the UK government.

Paradox Edge

They have developed a secure managed desktop service, which is very impressive in both concept and implementation. Paradox Edge is a cloud-hosted platform which works from their own Paradox Operating System. Paradox is a secure endpoint management platform, which is resilient and based onLinux. #becrypt guarantee that endpoint devices will be free from malware and ransomware. The Paradox Edge service allows you to adopt cloud services across your organisation securely and can then be run from desktops, laptops, thin-clients and even USBs.

It provides enhanced security as it maintains a reduced attack surface and the light-weight OS components are mounted as read-only which helps to prevent attacks. Each user account is sandboxed and any attacks that try to force privilege escalation are prevented, not just detected.The trusted boot process ensures cryptographic validation of the firmware, OS and applications before it loads, to ensure you get a healthy machine every time you spin one up. Patch management is automated and transparent through the cloud hosted management infrastructure.

It can be configured along with their Everything 365 cloud productivity platform for secure use of Microsoft Office applications on the Paradox infrastructure too. If you put this all together with other security products and solutions such as a firewall, email filter etc., you will be developing a multi-layered approach to your security as recommended by the NCSC and our government.

As part of our work with #becrypt, it was our pleasure to evaluate and assess the security of this technology. Not only was it not possible to attack the system with test malware files, or find any obvious vulnerabilities, they have also configured their Everything 365 offering to meet with MOD Defence Standard 05-138 and Microsoft's Office 364 Secure Alignment Better/Best profiles.

It is easy to see the potential here. The use of this platform, run as a managed service, could reduce both your costs and concerns. You would have the peace of mind in your supporting systems so that you could take your organisation forward.

For more information onParadox Edge visit:

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Written by: Emma Davis - Head of Training & Testing