Are you interested in pursuing a career in Cyber Security?

The Armour Group is growing rapidly.

We are always eager to see new and exciting talent from people with a passion to protect. Are you talented, passionate about Cyber Security or an aspiring ethical hacker? If so, you might be interested in joining our team.

At the Armour Group, your skills are valued and you get to do something you love, working alongside like-minded people who share your passion and drive.

Our people-centred company culture has allowed us to create an environment in which our employees love to work. This feeds back into our values, ensuring that we can continue to be a business where people feel that they are valued, and that they are adding value.

  • We trust our employees with challenging projects and provide them with the motivation to exceed expectations in every endeavour.
  • We offer a competitive salary and benefits package.
  • We encourage all departments to get involved with the development of new services, products, and marketing campaigns. Although we seek candidates who are technical experts, enthusiasm and creativity are equally important.

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We employ people who are passionate about the same interests as the company, so our culture practically propels itself.