The digital revolution presents huge advantages but brings new risks too. It is essential that the modern workforce understands the dangers and has the skills to tackle crime in cyber space. There has never been a better time to invest in cyber security training.

Cyber security is a serious issue, and it needs to be treated as such. It should be at the very forefront of your staff's mindset every day, nurturing a culture of cyber security awareness within your company.

Digital Armour is recognised as a leader in cyber security, GDPR, data privacy, business continuity and business management training. It doesn't matter whether you and your team are new to cyber security or if you are an experienced professional, Digital Armour can help develop the right training programme for you.

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Security awareness training can arm staff with the knowledge needed to spot malicious communications and common warning signs, making them less susceptible to social engineering tactics and dramatically reducing the risk of the business falling victim to a data breach resulting from stolen credentials, ransomware or any other form of malware.

No matter how impenetrable you think your security is, it can all be undone by one person on the inside. Human awareness is by far the most powerful tool in your cyber security toolbox.

More than 80% of all cyber-incidents are caused by human error. Enterprises lose millions recovering from staff-related incidents – but traditional training programs usually fail to achieve the desired behavioural changes and motivation. Understanding what lies behind any learning and teaching process helps to build an effective educational program.

Our programs not only deliver knowledge, but – more importantly – change habits and form the new behaviour patterns that are the real goal of awareness training.

Common hacker tactics to be aware of:

  • Webcam hijacking: for every minute you spend staring at a screen, there is usually a webcam staring back. Hackers can gain access to a private webcam and either watch your key strokes to learn your passwords, or record video of you doing something personal, which they can then use as blackmail.
  • Key logging: if a hacker installs a key logger, they can use it to record your keystrokes and learn your passwords.
  • Screen shot managing: if hackers get access to your computer, they can take screen shots of your display, enabling them to gain information about you, your passwords and your personal information.
  • Ad clicking: the easiest and most common way of getting malware onto a computer, hackers lure their victims into clicking on fake adverts (often in phishing emails) which installs malware or blatantly asks for your personal information.

Security incidents are prevented by increasing employee knowledge of cybercrime. With the Armour Academy's cyber security training and awareness courses, you can build best practices into your day-to-day operations, dramatically improving your security.

We offer a personalised learning experience for everyone, from novice to advanced level. We can help you and your business to develop true security awareness and give you the necessary skills to comply with regulatory requirements.

We guarantee that you will receive interactive and engaging training sessions where you can build your confidence in a friendly and positive environment.

The goal should be to ensure your employees can be trusted as the first line of defence against a cyber attack.

Our courses can be delivered online, in house, at your business premises, or you can attend one of our workshops. Details of workshops and events can be found below.

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"Even though he was doing everything right in that respect, he was tearing his hair out as his staff kept making mistakes. He had ticked all of the boxes and completed all the necessary policies but he felt as though he was fighting an uphill battle."

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