Penetration testing, sometimes called ethical hacking, is the practice of testing a computer system to identify and exploit cyber security vulnerabilities which require remediation.

These security gaps and weaknesses can then be fixed before others can exploit them with malicious intent.

Our team of fully certified ethical hackers can deploy targeted penetration tests including red team, social engineering and completely bespoke attacks tailored to your needs. It is recommended that businesses should do penetration testing every six months to identify new vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability scanning checks for known vulnerabilities and generates a report on risk exposure. This is a surface-level security assessment (much less in-depth than penetration testing), and many of the problems detected can be fixed by installing the latest versions and patches.

It is recommended that vulnerability scanning should be carried out once a month, and on each new device before it is deployed and connected to your business network.

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Internal penetration testing simulates the threat of an inside attacker. The target is typically the same as external pen testing, but with the major difference of the attacker having some sort of authorised access or starting from a point within the internal network.

Internal attacks can be much more devastating than external ones because insiders have knowledge of what is most important within a system, where it is located, and which targets are most vulnerable.

External penetration testing simulates the threat of a remote attacker attempting to access the internal network. The pen test aims to access specific servers and key targets within the internal network by exploiting externally exposed servers, clients, and people.

This includes exploiting not just system errors, but also human error: trying to trick users into giving up their information over the phone or via social engineering and phishing emails.

A web application penetration test aims to identify security issues affecting web applications and browsers. Focusing on these commonly-targeted areas allows for more detailed and in-depth testing than general pen testing.

Our in-depth penetration testing services will identify insecure business processes and lax security settings which could be vulnerable to exploitation. We can even uncover a security breach and ascertain the damage, including any remedial measures required to resolve the issue.

We offer two kinds of penetration test pricing packages: a one-off service or a subscription-based service. If you choose our subscription service, we will agree a schedule to actively search for new weaknesses in your online services and business processes.

"We were appointed to conduct regular penetration tests for a large financial institution so that they could be made aware of any vulnerabilities in their system."

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