These are exciting but challenging times for telecommunications companies and new start-ups as they strive to keep up with the changing technological landscape.

With growing numbers of mobile phone and internet users and a developing digital economy, there is an ever-increasing demand for internet and mobile services. This inevitably means that businesses within the communications sector are seeking to expand and diversify at a rapid rate.

However, as they rush to expand their portfolio, organisations often leave themselves open to attack, with vulnerabilities in their network infrastructure just waiting to be exploited by an opportunistic hacker. 30% of companies in this sector have reported separate customer information stolen.

Telecoms organisations are a clear target for anyone wanting to exploit critical infrastructure or interrupt the flow of communications. The cyber threat to these vital providers is both highly motivated and highly capable, with cyber criminals and cyber terrorists seeking to take advantage of any weaknesses.

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Without the right guidance, organisations continue to make uneducated decisions, leaving themselves vulnerable and out of pocket. Digital Armour addresses both of those problems, providing cyber security expertise which is worth its weight in gold.

Achieving compliance with industry standards and providing staff with important awareness training are necessary steps to ensure the continued success of your business.

Information Assurance Services for Telecoms

  • Cyber Essentials: We can help you to get the recognition you need by achieving Cyber Essentials certification. This government assurance scheme demonstrates to customers, investors, insurers and others that your business takes its cyber security obligations seriously.
  • Security awareness training: We provide staff training to ensure that all employees have the knowledge to operate safely and securely, because we believe that people should be a business' greatest strength, not its biggest weakness.
  • GDPR: Telecoms companies store huge amounts of personal data which must be protected. Our data protection officers can conduct a data audit of your organisation and implement new security controls to ensure that you are fully compliant with GDPR.
  • Penetration testing: We can also provide penetration testing to find and fix network vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by hackers.

Traditional security measures often under-perform against the threats posed to telecoms companies, forcing many to re-prioritise their spending and allocate more resources to combat cyber crime.