Almost every business or organisation is dependent on IT systems and the Internet. Even the smallest businesses are not safe from cyber threats. In fact, if they don't arm themselves, they could be the first in the firing line.

Nearly half of all cyber attacks target small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), because hackers know that smaller businesses are less likely to have robust security measures in place. The results can be devastating, with 60% of small businesses hit by a major cyber attack closing down within a year.

As a small business ourselves, we understand the challenges you face on a daily basis with regard to installing, maintaining and running a cost-effective, secure and reliable IT infrastructure that allows you to interface and integrate with the Internet and your clients.

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79% of attacks on SMEs resulted in a confirmed breach.

Information Assurance Services for SME

  • Security awareness training: From complete novice to IT manager, we tailor our training plans to suit everyone. Cyber threats are always evolving, and everyone needs to be on the same page about the dangers they pose in the modern business environment.
  • Penetration testing: We can tailor our bespoke attacks to your business' needs, ensuring that you get penetration testing and vulnerability scans which focuses on the most relevant threats, regardless of size or sector.
  • Cyber Essentials: If you are serious about growing your business, you'll need to prove your commitment to cyber security. The gold standard is Cyber Essentials, the government scheme which proves that a business is well-provisioned against threats.
  • IASME: The IASME Governance Standard is a more affordable and achievable alternative to the international security standard, ISO 27001. It allows smaller businesses to demonstrate their preparedness for cyber attacks.

Approximately 50% of all SMEs are hit by a cyber attack at some point, so a business which doesn't make an effort to prepare is effectively leaving its future down to the flip of a coin.

Don't leave it to chance. Digital Armour can help to improve your odds by providing training and accreditation to your employees, to help them recognise the dangers before it's too late.