There are several factors which make legal and professional firms an attractive target for cyber attacks.

They hold large amounts of sensitive client information, handle significant funds, and are often a key enabler in commercial and business transactions.

Cyber criminals will exploit weaknesses in lending and conveyancing systems to gain illegitimate advantage in the UK property market, potentially resulting in the loss of thousands of pounds for the organisations concerned.

The most prevalent cyber crime within the legal sector is Friday afternoon fraud, so named because conveyancing deals often go through at that time. Criminals hack into law firms' systems when transactions are awaiting completion and alter email correspondence between clients and solicitors so that funds are redirected. Businesses can be liable even if they were not aware of or complicit in the fraud.

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Information Assurance Services for Legal and Professional

  • Penetration testing: By providing penetration testing and vulnerability scanning services, we aim to detect vulnerabilities in your systems before the hackers do. We can then help to fix any weaknesses discovered, strengthening your cyber security posture in the long term.
  • Security awareness training: We provide awareness training for your staff, to educate them on how to respond to certain cyber security threats. This is particularly relevant in the legal sector, where threats like ransomware can elicit a panicked reaction and a poor response.
  • Cyber Essentials: Your business is much more likely to attract new customers and partners if you can prove that it has achieved cyber security accreditations. Cyber Essentials is the seal of quality which proves your commitment to protecting your employees and clients.
  • GDPR: Working in legal and professional sectors, the chances are that your business is responsible for large quantities of sensitive personal data, and complying with data regulations is crucial. We can help to ensure that your data protection methods are compliant with GDPR.

For law firms, the biggest danger is a security breach, which can be extremely damaging for clients and the firm's reputation alike. The consequences can be major and many businesses never recover.

Don't let that happen to your business. Get in touch with Digital Armour to arrange cyber security awareness training for your staff, penetration testing to determine your network's weaknesses, or guidance to help you achieve security accreditations.