Without robust cyber security, law enforcement cannot function effectively - and that's bad news for everyone.

The police store huge amounts of highly sensitive data, the loss of which would be catastrophic. They must ensure compliance with government requirements, and failure to do so will have serious consequences.

If data pertaining to suspects and convicts is stolen, it would be a major breach of data protection laws, and damaging to operations. If data pertaining to staff is stolen, it could be used to blackmail or threaten law enforcement personnel and their families.

Police operations also rely heavily on technology, particularly mobile devices. Law enforcement personnel communicate via mobile networks when they are out and about, and a cyber criminal who hacked into the network would be able to eavesdrop on private communications.

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Cyberterrorists could carefully coordinate an attack to take down communications at a crucial time, preventing police from responding to a crime scene.

Downtime is also not an option in such a high-stakes environment, so a cyber attack which took down the communications, even for a short period of time, would be unthinkable.

Digital Armour helps law enforcement to achieve the necessary cyber security accreditations, as well as providing security training to help staff prepare for a cyber attack.

Information Assurance Services for Law Enforcement

  • Cyber Essentials: The general public must be able to trust law enforcement to store their data securely. Cyber Essentials is a mark of quality which will prove you are taking cyber security seriously.
  • Penetration testing: Cyberterrorists with nefarious intentions are likely to target police data. Prepare for an attack by allowing us to test your system with penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and suggest solutions.
  • Security awareness training: When it comes to implementing cyber security for law enforcement, nothing can be left to chance. We have experience working with law enforcement agencies, providing advice and security awareness training to staff who are responsible for cyber security, and implementing policies and guidelines to ensure continued security.