Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) is the term given to any organisation, products or services which are absolutely vital for the country to function; things that society and the economy cannot do without.

It goes without saying that cyber security is a pretty important issue for these organisations. In the digital era, cyber terrorism is just as much a danger as any other form of terrorism, and the consequences could be equally severe.

Unlike other sectors, CNI will not just be targeted by traditional cyber criminals looking for a quick buck. National infrastructure is also a target for foreign states, hacktivists and cyber terrorists, for whom a successful attack would be a major ideological and/or political victory.

These attacks can be incredibly damaging, and are often used for espionage. They are far more sophisticated than your average cyber attack, and can be used to steal large quantities of incredibly sensitive data, including intellectual property, R&D projects, strategic data or personal employee data. Such attacks often go undetected, however there is technology to help prevent attacks rather than just detect them.

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"We have to be prepared for terrorists seeking to take advantage of our increasing internet dependency to attack or disable our key systems." - Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)

Information Assurance Services for Critical Infrastructure

  • Penetration testing: Our team of fully certified ethical hackers can deploy targeted penetration tests, including completely bespoke attacks tailored to your needs, to weed out any vulnerabilities - including staff knowledge. We can then provide advice and assistance on how to secure these security gaps and train your staff.
  • Vulnerability scanning: Proper vulnerability scanning and patching is a process which must be performed frequently as vulnerabilities are discovered and patched on a regular basis.
  • Cyber Essentials: Businesses within critical infrastructure industries must achieve basic Cyber Essentials at least if they want to bid for government contracts. We can help you prepare for Cyber Essentials and perform the assessment to get the accreditation you need.
  • Security awareness training: With so many people involved in these massive industries, the risk of human error is increased. We can provide security awareness training to ensure that your staff are a strength, not a vulnerability.

We believe that these acts of cyber terrorism deserve to be treated with the same severity as any other type of terrorist attack, which is why we are helping the UK to fight back against the forces which threaten us.

Digital Armour works with businesses in all different sectors of CNI in the UK, so we have plenty of experience and we know how important cyber security is to you and your employees.